Library Mission Statement

The New Milford Public Library, a leader in promoting reading, literacy and lifelong learning for all generations, provides materials, services and programs to meet the community’s diverse informational and recreational needs.

The New Milford Public Library provides computers for patrons to access a variety of informational resources.  These policies and procedures establish the appropriate use of Workstation/Internet computers in order to ensure maximum access to a limited number of Workstation/Internet computers; to secure the Library’s network resources; and to provide guidelines for patrons.

Library Computer Workstations are provide for the following uses.  Access to resources and time allotted vary by Workstation designation:

  • Access to Library catalogs and Library website resources
  • Access to Informational databases provided by the Library
  • Access to internet resources
  • Access to email
  • Access to chat
  • Access to Microsoft Office
  • Access to social media

General Guidelines

Patrons may not:

  • Damage, alter or degrade computer equipment, peripherals, software, or configurations. (Network Security)
  • Install any software (Network Security)
  • Reset Terminals. Please seek Reference staff assistance.  (Network Security)
  • Workstations may not be used, in any capacity, for commercial, for-profit ventures.
  • Save directly to the computer hard drive

Patrons may:

  • Save to a removable device. Users may use a USB or may purchase a USB at the Main Desk.  Cost of a disk is $5 each.
  • Print copies are 15c per page. Payment may be made at the print release station computer directly behind the adult reference desk or at the Children’s Services desk.

Time Allotted at Designated Workstations

Terminals are designated as follows:

  • 30 minutes per session, 2 sessions per day
  • 45 minutes per session, 2 sessions per day
  • Additional time at the discretion of the library staff or supervisor on duty based upon user demand and other conditions.
  • Upon completion of an Internet session, a patron may be required to wait 30 minutes before signing up for another session. Limitations will be based upon user demand in order to provide maximum access.
  • Maximum of 2 patrons per workstation at one time.

The library reserves the right to end an Internet session at any time.

Approved by the Library Board of Trustees:  July 17, 2013