In recognition of the responsibility of the New Milford Public Library to maintain continuing communication with present and potential users of the Library’s services and resources, so as to assure effective and maximum usage by all citizens, the New Milford Public Library Board of Trustees adopts the following resolution as a matter of policy.


  1. To promote community awareness of library services and resources
  2. To stimulate public interest and active participation in the services offered by the New Milford Public Library
  3. To develop public understanding and support of the New Milford Public Library

The following actions may be used to accomplish the foregoing objectives:

  1. An annual plan of specific goals and activities with an appropriate budget shall be developed. The plan shall be evaluated annually.
  2. Training sessions, workshops and other means shall be made available to library staff members to assure courteous, efficient, and friendly contact with library patrons and the general public.
  3. Personal and informational group contacts shall be maintained with schools, government officials, community leaders, service organizations, civic associations and other community organizations by library staff and Board members.
  4. Local media shall be utilized to ensure that the public is aware of and informed about the services and resources of the New Milford Public Library
  5. Public Service announcements to TV and radio stations
  6. News releases to newspapers, TV stations and radio stations
  7. Feature stories via local newspapers
  8. Newsletters, brochures, and other promotional materials shall be produced and distributed through effective methods of reaching appropriate segments of the public. This includes the use of electronic media to produce a Library home page which is linked to the Town home page and other Web sites that are relevant to New Milford.
  9. Sponsorship of programs, classes, exhibits and other library-centered activities.
  10. Cooperation with other community organizations to fulfill the community’s needs for educational, cultural, informational, recreational opportunities
  11. Programs held at the Library will be free of charge with the exception of fund raising events sponsored by the Friends of the New Milford Public Library, Inc. for the benefit of the Library.

Responsibility for carrying out objectives:

The Library Director, Public Services Librarian, Reference/Information Librarian, and the Junior Services Librarian shall have the responsibility for coordinating the New Milford Public Library’s public relations and public information services.

The Library Board members shall promote the library to the community to help forge links among the public, town government, and the library.

Approved by the Library Board of Trustees:  February 16, 2005