The mission of the New Milford Public Library is to provide materials, services and programs to meet the community’s diverse informational and recreational needs.

In order to pursue its goals, the Library administration reserves the right to protect the safety of all library patrons, staff and property and to maintain order in the Library. The staff is authorized to deal with individuals who violate the rights of others and who create disorder on Library premises. (CGS 11-32, 53A-181A, 53-182)

Emergency Situations:
An emergency situation is any situation in which:

  1. a patron’s actions present an imminent danger to the life or safety of him/herself or others.
  2. life or property is endangered due to natural disaster or other catastrophic occurrence.

In case of emergency situations, the Library reserves the right to expel patrons from the premises and is authorized to call on other agencies (e.g. police, fire department) in order to protect people and property.

Inappropriate Use of the Library:
The appropriate use of the Library is defined by the Library administration. When a patron appears to be using the Library primarily for inappropriate uses, the patron shall be warned. If the patron continues to act inappropriately; he/she shall be asked to leave the Library premises. If the patron refuses to leave, the police may be called for assistance.

Inappropriate use of the Library includes, but is not limited to, activities listed in the  Library Use Policy.    In the event that there is not enough room for those who need seating space to study,   patrons seated at tables who are not using study or library materials may be asked to give up the seat.

Disruptive Behavior:
When a patron willfully and purposefully disturbs other patrons or interferes with a  staff member’s ability or perform his/her job, the patron shall be warned. If the  behavior continues, the patron shall be asked to leave the Library premises. If the patron refuses to leave, the police may be called for assistance. In extreme circumstances a patron may be barred from the Library for an amount of time to be determined by the Director upon the recommendation of a Department Supervisor.

Disruptive behavior includes but is not limited to: harassment (of any kind), fighting, boisterous behavior, use of foul language, running, pushing, climbing, obstruction of persons or vehicles.

Parental Responsibility:
Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children while in the Library and may not leave their children under the age of twelve (12) unattended.

Child Safety:
Any public place can be dangerous for a child who is left alone or who is stranded after closing hours. The Library staff does not accept responsibility for the safety, care, or supervision of an unattended child of any age while in the Library or on Library grounds.

Theft and Vandalism:
When a patron attempts to steal or to maliciously destroy Library property, the police may be called and the Library may prosecute.

Other Illegal Activities:
Any patron committing an illegal act shall be reported to the police.

Only animals assisting the handicapped are permitted in the building.

Approved by Library Board of Trustees: October 20, 2010