I. Philosophy and Objectives

The New Milford Public Library provides free library service on an equal basis to all residents and taxpayers of New Milford.

The objectives of the Library collection are to make available library materials for educational, informational, and recreational needs of the community.

The community served by this library represents diversified interests, beliefs, educational backgrounds and social consciousness. In recognition of the wide differences, the library exerts every effort to obtain and make available materials of interest to individuals, even though such material may be objectionable on moral, political, or religious grounds to other individuals in the community.

The library makes no attempt to require or request that and individual use materials that he/she may consider offensive. However, no individual is to be considered an authority to deny others materials they wish to use by means of censorship of library materials.

The Board of Trustees has endorsed as Library policies the following American Library Association statement (copies of which are available):

1. The Library Bill of Rights (ALA adopted 1948, and amended 1961. 1697, 1980)

2. The Freedom to Read Statement (ALA adopted 1953)

3. ALA Code of Ethics (ALA adopted 1995)

The Library Board of Trustees further endorses as Library policy for the following American Library Association interpretations of The Library Bill of Rights:

1. How Libraries Can Resist Censorship

2. Free Access to Libraries for Minors

3. Resolution on Challenged Materials

4. Expurgating of Library Materials

5. Re-evaluating Library Collections

6. Restricted Access to Library Materials

7. Sexism, Racism, and Other -isms in Library Materials

8. Statement on Labeling

9. intellectual Freedom Statement

II. Responsibility for Selection

Authority for selection of materials is delegated to the Library Director by the Board of Trustees. The Library Director in conjunction with designated department supervisors, selects library materials to be purchased for use by the public. The Library Director and department supervisors will exercise professional judgement in the selection of library materials as is consistent with the educational background; professional training and experience; knowledge of the community’s demographics and characteristics; and the Library’s existing collection as well as future collection goals. Library materials will not be rejected based on any partisan religious grounds (see the Library’s Non-Partisan Policy). Limitations of the budget will affect purchases of new Library materials.

The acquisition of materials of various mediums including digital and physical for the library, whether through purchase or gift, will be based upon the following criteria:

1. Accessibility/Ease of Use

2. Authority/Source

3. Coverage/Scope

4. Currency

5. Interest and needs of library users

6. Organization

7. Relevance to the existing collections and the recognition of new materials types and formats not currently in the collection

8. Value of the materials for educational, informational, and recreational purposes.

The library recognizes its role as an educational institution and attempts to provide materials on all subjects which shall be made freely available. However, the library will make no attempt to supply textbooks.

III. Sources for Selection

Selection of materials is made using tools including reviews in professional journals, special bibliographies, basic library collection lists, and other appropriate aids.

IV. Procedures for Reconsideration of Materials

Objections to material and in the library’s collections must be made in writing on Library Board approved form entitled “Request for Reconsideration of Library Material.” All parts of the form must be completed and the form signed and dated. When completed and returned, this form will be reviewed and a reply in writing will be made by the Director.

VI. Extending Resources

The New Milford Public Library extends its resources through cooperation with other libraries and their patrons in agreement with the established Connecticut State Library rules for ConnectiCard (reciprocal library cards) and C-Car (inter-library loan).

1. Resource for Electronic Selection

The selection of electronic resources (database, Internet sites) is made in order to meet the informational, educational needs of New Milford Public Library patrons and which enhance the library’s collections.

Selection criteria include:

1. Accessibility/Ease of Use

2. Authority/Source

3. Coverage/Scope

4. Currency

5. Organization

Internet sites suggested by patrons are subject to the same criteria as other materials. Personal sites or sites that promote a for-profit business, activity or group will not be considered.

VII. Juvenile and Young Adult Materials

Juvenile and young adult materials are selected by the Junior Services Librarian with assistance as delegated. Selection of materials is made using tools including reviews in professional journals, special bibliographies, basic library collection lists and other appropriate aids.

Responsibility for the reading, listening, and viewing habits of children rests with their parents or legal guardians. The Library maintains several age-appropriate collections for children and teens. Materials may be reassigned among these sub-collections based on the age appropriateness of the content. Selection of adult materials will not be inhibited b the possibility that books may inadvertently come into the possession of children.

VIII. Gifts and Donations

Gift materials suitable for library use may be accepted providing there is no condition imposed on their use, location, or disposal.

The library cannot provide patrons with a dollar valuation for such gifts, but will provide the donor with a statement of the number of volumes and types of materials accepted.

The Library will welcome gifts of money made by local groups of individuals. Subject choice of materials to be purchased may be designated by the donor and are selected according to the Library’s Materials Selection Policy and criteria executed by the Library Director or designee.

IX. Collection Maintenance

Maintenance of the collection, which includes discarding, replacements, rebinding and repair will be made with the same attention as the initial selection. Materials that are no longer useful will be systematically removed from the collection according to accepted professional practice.

Approved by the Library Board of Trustees: October 18, 2023

New Milford Public Library Request for Reconsideration of Library Material
Material Type: Hardcover____ Paperback ____Video/DVD ____ Music CD/Cassette ____Other___
Request initiated by: (Name):_________________________________________________________
Telephone:________________ Address_____________________City:________________________
Complaint represents: _____Self _____Organization
1. To what do you
object? (Please be specific)___________________________________________________________
2. What do you feel may be the results of using this material?________________________________
3. For what age group would you recommend this material?_________________________________
4. Does the work have any redeeming aspects?___________________________________________
5. Have you reviewed the entire work? Yes____ No____ If not the entire work, what parts?
6. Are you aware of the judgment of this material by critical review sources? Yes____ No___
7. What actions are you requesting that the library take regarding this material?
Do not lend this to my child _____ Withdraw it for all library users _____ Send it back to the
appropriate selection official for re-evaluation _____
8. What material of equal quality or value would you recommend, in its place?__________________
Approved by Library Board of Trustees: October 18, 2023
New Milford Public Library Request for the Addition of Material
If you wish to request the addition of library resources please return this completed form to
the Library Director, 24 Main Street, New Milford, CT 06776
Date:_________________________________ Name:_____________________________________
Address:______________________________ City State Zip_______________________________
Which of the following do you represent? ___ Self ___Organization
Resource you are requesting: ___ Book ___ Audio ___Video/DVD ___Magazine
___ Library Program ___ Newspaper ___ Electronic ___ Other
Author______________________________ Title _______________________________________
Approved by Library Board of Trustees: October 18, 2023