The New Milford Public Library is grateful for all gifts or bequests made to the library in the form of money, securities, property or materials.  The New Milford Public Library will encourage and accept gifts of library materials with the understanding that gifts of materials will be added to the collections only if they meet the same standards of value required of materials purchased.  Gifts to the library are considered outright and unrestricted donations to be used in the best interest of the New Milford Public Library.  If the material is deemed appropriate for the collection, it will be added; if not, it will be given to the Friends of New Milford Public Library.

The New Milford Public Library employees do not provide evaluations of gifts for tax deduction or other purposes, but will provide the donor with a statement of the number of volumes and the type of material accepted.  For the protection of the donor, it is recommended that such appraisals be done by a qualified disinterested party before bringing donations to the library.

Moreover, the New Milford Public Library is not to be interpreted as a depository for records, in any format, owned of loaned by agencies, organizations, or individuals, either on a temporary or permanent basis.

Materials donated as bequests and memorials are encouraged.  Donors should consult the appropriate Librarian for Reference, the Junior Library or Public Services before purchasing items for the library to ensure they are not already in the collections and to be approved as appropriate for the library.  Memorials will be marked with an appropriate bookplate and notice sent to the family members.  Monetary donations, bequests, and memorials are encouraged.  All donors should consult the Library Director for further information.

Approved by the Library Board of Trustees February 16, 2005