The goal of the New Milford Public Library is to select database products which meet the informational and educational needs of New Milford Public Library patrons and which enhance the reference collection.

Selection of databases will be based on the following considerations:

*Is the information contained in the database comparable to a printed work in scope?
*Is it complete or abridged?

*Is the information contained in the database more current than that contained in a printed work?
*Is the database updated annually, quarterly, weekly, daily?

*Is the database available as a multi-user (unlimited), multi- simultaneous user arrangement?
*Is remote access available via the World Wide Web?

*Is the interface Windows compatible and is it CARL (Menu Builder) compatible?
*Does the software allow for more powerful, flexible search capabilities?
*Is there a Web based version?

*Is the cost of the database less than or equal to the printed work?
*If the cost is more than the printed work, does the coverage, currency and access justify the cost?
*Is the content used by enough patrons to justify purchase?
*Is remote access cost relative to number of users gaining access?

Approved by Library Board of Trustees
Date: April 14, 1999